Srinidhi Raghavan is seated against a yellow background with trees. There are waves at the bottom.She has short and black hair. She is wearing a pink kurta, black framed glasses and a nose pin.
Artwork by Sonaksha

I am an educator, writer and researcher who works at the intersections of sexuality, gender, disability and technology. I have spent more than a decade working with children, young people, women of all ages, parents, special educators, teachers, and feminist, women’s rights and disability rights organisations across India. My work focusses on deepening conversations around sexuality, on rights of persons with disabilities and building more spaces where disabled people can thrive. I have conducted trainings, undertaken research and built programmes on sexuality, leadership, violence against women with disabilities, sexual and reproductive health, and media representation of children and disabled people.

I have written for national and international news platforms and organisations on gender, sexuality, disability and technology. I wrote a column in India for FirstPost called Bodies and Minds that looked at the often ignored intersection of gender and disability. I am interested in community care, disability justice, intersectional feminism and cats.

A painting of a dolphin's fin in the ocean. On top of it in bold black is the text: projects
A painting of a dragon fly near a moon with some background flowers and plants. On it in bold black is the text: writing.
A painting of a sunflower on the right hand bottom with a blue background. On it in bold black letters is: offerings